Linda with Dominique Crenn at her restaurant in San Francisco on February 13, 2014. She received her third Michelin star on November 29, 2018. Two other three-star chefs are shown below.

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We are with chef Carme Ruscaleda at her Michelin three-star restaurant, Saint Pau, on March 13, 2012.

We describe our meals in interesting restaurants, including some of the best in the world. We do not claim to be “reviewing” a restaurant, but we hope that our reports will be stimulating, interesting and helpful to our readers. We do not claim anonymity, as many guidebook and newspaper restaurant reviewers do, but we are also not like some bloggers who identify themselves in advance and ask the house to do its best. We have no quarrel with either approach, but they are not our style. Many of our regular readers, family and friends among them, just like to read about our travels and to enjoy the photos without even thinking of going to these restaurants. Although we do not write about a restaurant unless it is of general interest, we do not limit our reports to the best and most successful meals.

We were enjoying breakfast at Pic in Valence on May 17, 2017, when chef Anne-Sophie Pic stopped by to chat. The three-star meal the evening before was superb.

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The Wandering Epicures is one of two successor blogs to CountryEpicure. Before August 2008 posts were filed both by us and by our friends Gary and Varian, the founder of our blogs. (For technical reasons beyond my control their old posts are now shown as having been posted by me, but names are in the text.)