La Réserve de Beaulieu,

October 3, 2005

We went to dinner Sept 5, 2005, at La Réserve de Beaulieu with another couple. The welcome and ambiance are still exceptional. There is still an elegant piano player. The clientèle was varied, but no one loud, gaudy or misbehaving.

The à la carte prices are staggering: 70 – 90 € for each course. We had the Menu La Réserve at 135 € @. (There is also a 175 € menu.) There were two choices in each of four courses, plus an amuse-gueule, a mid-meal sorbet, friandises etc.

Foie gras or a terrine of carrots with lobster
Filets de rougets or raviolis of snails in a garlic broth
squab or loup de mer
a chocolate concoction or a pineapple and coconut concoction.

These brief descriptions don’t come close to doing justice to the dishes, which were uniformly exceptional. The portions were generous and beautifully presented with several garnishes for each plate. It was a perfect example of modern haute cuisine. The two Michelin stars are easily earned. The big sommelier who has been there forever was off that night, but the helpful, young sommelier suggested Provençale white and red wines at 70€ which were very nice.

We had been to La Réserve last March. The three of us then had the more expensive menu and found it to be excellent also. I think one should avoid holiday weeks when some of the clientèle may detract from the elegance.

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