October 19, 2005

110 Reade (off West Broadway)  212-267-3777

Our friends, Bill and Pat, were in the midst of planning a trip to Southeast Asia in February following ours last February, so it seemed appropriate to eat dinner together at a Vietnamese restaurant  

Nam turned out to be the perfect choice—not too trendy, not down-scale, and probably the best Vietnamese food we have had outside of Vietnam. Starters ranged from Tom Cuon (rice paper rolls of grilled prawn with vermicelli, cucumber, fresh herbs and peanut dipping sauce) and Thit Nuong Cuon (rolls of fresh rice paper with grilled lemongrass beef and sesame seeds) to salads like Goi Du Du (green papaya salad with shrimp, dried beef, roasted peanuts and aromatic herbs and Goi Bo (spicy beef salad with onion, lemongrass and basil). Our main courses included Mi Xao (stir-fried egg noodles with shrimp, chicken, pork, vegetable, roasted peanuts, and a chile lime sauce), Ca Chien (crispy red snapper in chile lime sauce), Tom Thit Rim (caramelized shrimp and pork in light pepper sauce) and a that night’s special, Bo Lui (grilled marinated beef in 5 spices with crusted peanuts, angel hair noodles to roll in lettuce leaves and dip in a mint and lime sauce).

The service staff was knowledgeable, informative, and largely Vietnamese (exceptions were a spattering of Thais, Malays and Cambodians).  Don’t be shy about asking for help in choosing from their wide range of, unfortunately, unfamiliar offerings.  But that will change with more anticipated exposures to the Nam menu. No dessert after all that wonderful food and a few bottles of adequate wines.  Total for four, all in, was around $250.

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