A Place Like Home

November 30, 2005

Source for Apartments all over. London, www.aplacelikehome.co.uk 

Our first experience with this service left us so impressed that we cannot ever imagine anything else.  The apartment we chose, at 38 Onslow Square, couldn’t have been better located.  It was also clearly someone’s home so there was that warm English feel rather than an institutional one. 

The living room, with a fake fireplace but two large windows overlooking the square (from the next to the top floor of the elevated building), was furnished with comfortable seats, good reading lights, and a large dining room table.  Strewn around were framed photographs and bibelots, bibelots, bibelots.  The master bedroom with its large four-poster, canopy bed was comfortable and quiet.  It has a large dressing room and bath. 

The second bedroom, facing the square, had two single beds.  The kitchen was sunny, with two windows overlooking the back of the building, and well-equipped, even with washer/dryer.  As impressive as the apartment itself was the service given by A Place Like Home.  We were met at the apartment at the appointed hour and shown how to work everything, from the security combination to the appliances. 

They provide the linens, which were top quality and plenty of towels.  They also met us at the end of our stay to check us out and then their cleaning service came in and took over.  This was one of their top range smaller apartments but well worth it as it was cheaper than a hotel suite by far.  There are larger, and smaller places; and in various locations around London. 

Minimum stay is a week.  And, the cost for this two-bedroom apartment was about $400 per night.   

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