India/Agra and Delhi

April 10, 2006

(February/March, 2006)Taj View, Agra The hotel is barely acceptable, and pales in comparison to the better located Oberoi right outside the Taj entrance. Staying in town, however, did enable us to be the first ones at the Taj Mahal when it opened at 6 a.m.. We were able to wander around this breathtaking site with very few other people and just drink in its splendor. Nothing prepared us for its majesty, its absolute perfection. An afternoon visit to the Fort which Akbar built in 1565 capped the visit.

Oberoi, Delhi This Oberoi is so large that it offers four excellent restaurants: Indian, Italian, Chinese and multi-cuisine. We tried all but the Italian, and were especially pleased with the Indian one, called Kandahar. Patricia Wells raved about Bukkara in the Sheraton but it disappointed us. We think Wells missed a bet.

The city of New Delhi is amazingly green. Wide and spacious avenues are flanked with trees and gardens, at least in one area, and the government buildings, modeled after Washington DC’s layout are formidable. Old Delhi was interesting from the car but not an area we wanted to try on foot, except of course, the Red Fort.

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