May 26, 2006

17, rue Tonduti de l’Escarene. 04 93 62 00 81 amada-exterior.JPG

You could walk right by this small Japanese restaurant and not even realize it, but if you do happen to notice the interesting looking glass door and discrete brass plaque announcing it, you are in for a treat. Reservations are necessary, though. Choose either the small menu or the larger one (we were treated so don’t know the prices). We all chose the big one and were delighted. First came a cold, shredded chicken with interesting spices, then a box of assorted and very fresh sushi and sashimi.

The main course was a choice or two, the only part of the menu with a choice, of tempura prawns or breaded, fried beef. We tasted both and pronounced them the lightest ever. Dessert was green tea ice cream and cubed fromage blanc.

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