Le Girelier – St Tropez

September 24, 2006

Every two or three years we go to St. Tropez to see a special exhibition, and the fine permanent collection, at Le Musée de l’Annonciade.  We always go on to somewhere else for the evening, but we can be faced with the question of lunch in this tacky, tourist-overrun town.  On September 21, 2006, we walked around after leaving the museum at noon, saw the little fish market with its impressive selection of obviously fresh fish and eventually chose Le Girelier for no particular reason except that it looked okay.  The lunch was terrific, something you’d hope for in a fish shack along the coast.  I started with grilled red peppers in garlicky oil with an excellent anchoïade and toasts.  Linda had a good fish soup.  I then had eight fresh grilled sardines with confit tomatoes and garlic and a bowl of cracked wheat.  Linda had a grilled dorade, which was their fish of the day.  We finished with a Tropezienne, the creamy local dessert.  The menu was 39 € @.   As we ate, we watched the slovenly hordes go by on the quai and, just beyond them, la dolce vita on the back decks of the docked yachts.  

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