Le Fuji

September 30, 2006

2 Rue Paganini, Nice;  04 93 87 40 82While wandering through the back streets to get to the Hot Pot restaurant, we encountered a very interesting looking Japanese restaurant called le Fuji. There are two teppan-yaki tables with the grill in the center and 8 or 10 chairs around it. There are also 10 or 12 tables for those ordering off the menu.

We went back the next night with Varian’s brother and his Japanese wife and were all astounded at how fresh and wonderful the sushi/sashimi platter (€32 for 2) was. Gary loved his coconut pie dessert, but learned from our sister-in-law that in Japanese it is called Mochi-mochi (pronounced “moo-shi”). Apparently it is also very popular in Southeast Asia. Mochi are balls of sweetened glutinous rice with sweet red-bean paste. Maybe they are rolled in coconut here and thus called coconut pie. A second visit the next week confirmed the sushi/sashimi quality and a non-raw fish eating friend loved the gambas tempura and the chicken yakitori. Our friends both loved their tempura desserts—one pineapple and the other banana. They also recognized the owner of this three month-old gem from Fleur de Jade.

The décor is modern, with Japanese animé on two walls and painted mirrors on the others. We can even forgive them for the flat screen tv monitors since they show some interesting japanese scenes both traditional and modern. Everything is clean and fresh and the staff is charming and friendly.

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