Donguri, NYC 3

November 17, 2006

On November 17, 2006, four of us went to Donguri and it was excellent.  See the post from July 11, 2006, for background and previous visits.  There was a little amuse gueule of green beans with a salty sauce.  We then had:

the sensational sea urchin sashimi: globs of fresh, delicious sea urchin roe with a mild sauce;

one piece each of the blue fin tuna sashimi: superb tuna, the best;

a grilled and sliced squid with ginger and scallion; the squid was cooked just right so it was neither over nor under done; the ginger was spicy, but on the side and one could have as much as one wanted;

a plate of about twenty deep-fried gingko nuts:  these were small, more like berries than nuts, served with a bit of salt, refreshing;

vegetable tempura:  quite a variety of vegetables, including lotus root, good, but not unusual;

broiled, marinated black cod with radish purée: very fresh and delicious;

rice cakes with red bean sauce:  a nice ending.  Every dish was beautifully presented; the service was friendly, fast and efficient.  We had two bottles of the Urakasami autumn sake and the bill still only came to $105 each including tax and tip. 

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