The Red Lobster

January 20, 2007

It turned out that our new car, which I affectionately named The Silver Bullet (because of its color and not because of its magical problem solving qualities, although it did quickly solve the problem of Julie nagging me about a new car), was ready for its first service. Given that the purveyor of The Silver Bullet is located in Oxnard a town about 35 miles from Santa Barbara and famous the world over for food and shopping, it seemed like a good opportunity to combine the oil change with some pleasurable activities.Accordingly, after picking up our loaner, we proceeded to the nearby factory outlet mall, which is Oxnard’s equivalent of Ventimiglia’s flea market. There I did the day’s Sudoku and finished The Economist sitting in the car while Julie picked up a top to go with her rather large and ever growing collection.


The sign of a warm welcome!

From the mall we proceeded to one of Oxnard’s finer eateries, called The Red Lobster. Upon entering, we were warmly greeted by the very, very pregnant hostess who led us to our table, reviewed the specials for us and told us that Claudio will be with us momentarily. The specials were a bit of a disappointment, because we apparently missed the “Endless Shrimp” promotion, whereby you can eat all the shrimp you want prepared in four different ways.


The Red Lobster Fettucinni Shrimp!

Although Claudio didn’t come, friendly Rosa did and gave us a big smile, displaying about $20,000 worth of orthodontic hardware. Julie and I decided to skip the amuse-gueule and rl-5.jpgproceeded to order. Julie settled on the plate of three kinds of shrimp (popcorn, fried and scampi) with baked potato and I chose a bowl of lobster bisque and the fettuccini shrimp. With our order we were both entitled to salad, with a choice of either garden or Caesar. We both chose the Caesar, having had it before and remembered its fine tangy and crisp quality.

rl-4.jpgFor libation Julie chose a full bodied Coke and I a vintage Dr. Pepper. We both had free refills.

rl-1.jpgThe portions were substantial and the food was quite tasty and enjoyable. In fact we were so well fed that we couldn’t handle desert. The check for the two of us was $35, plus tip. After our sumptuous meal we picked up our car and returned to Santa Barbara. We highly recommend The Red Lobster to any seafood connoisseur and we hope we will have a chance to introduce you to it when you next come to Santa Barbara.

Contributed by George.

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