Donguri, NYC 4

February 14, 2007

On February 13, 2007, we dined at Donguri with John and Carol. (For earlier Donguri posts see Nov. 17, 2006 and July 11, 2006.) The welcome was warm, as always, and we were soon seated at the round table in the front window. We ordered a bottle of a special spring sake that was dry and robust enough to donguri-12.jpgaccompany our food. Considerable discussion of the menu followed as we would be sharing everything. Four little amuse-gueules of green beans in soy sauce arrived.  

Then our first course: six Kumamoto oysters. I only ate one as I’ve been having a reaction to oysters recently; it had a delicate, slightly hazelnut flavor which was quite different from the brinyness of cold-water oysters.  As I understand it, pollution has killed them off in their natural habitat at the south end of Japan and they are now grown only in the somewhat cooler waters of the American Pacific Northwest. donguri-13.jpg

We then had four pieces of monkfish liver, served with ponzu sauce: rice vinegar, soy sauce, sake, seaweed and dried bonito flakes. The liver was quite rich with the texture of a foie gras terrine and a luscious fish flavor. donguri-14.jpg

We had an order of thinly sliced fluke sashimi with ponzu sauce: The fluke had a fresh delicate flavor and one had to be careful not to use too much sauce.

Two orders of sea urchin sashimi followed. This was simply gobs of fresh sea urchin roe with some wasabe and soy sauce on the side. The texture is much lighter than the monkfish liver and the delicious flavor more of shellfish.   donguri-15.jpg

 Two bowls of sea urchin sashimi; above: Linda and the monkfish liver












John and Carol enjoy the sea urchin sashimi.

donguri-18.jpgExcellent broiled marinated black cod came next. The light broiling and marinade added to the flavor of the cod without detracting from its freshness. It was served with a radish puree and a lemon wedge.donguri-19.jpg

Two orders of just-prepared tempura followed. There were shrimp accompanied by a wide variety of vegetables, all covered with a very light tempura batter which was not at all oily from the deep frying.   

donguri-20.jpgAs John’s birthday is later in the week, we finished with a cake and candle which Carol had preordered as a surprise. It was like a French strawberry bavarois and not at all Japanese.   The whole evening was very enjoyable, as always at Donguri.

One Response to “Donguri, NYC 4”

  1. Lora Says:

    Mike and Linda,
    This looks fabulous! Everything you chose is something I love and I am thinking I should have had THAT for dinner tonight.
    I’m really enjoying the photos and comments!

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