Moyo Island, Sumbawa, Indonesia

March 13, 2007

(February, 2007) Amanwana. Ed Tuttle, the great Aman architech, did not participate in the design of this Aman because there is only one building which houses the dining room and kitchen. amanwana_0398.JPGEach of the dozen or so rooms is in a tent. We doubt Ed does tents. The tents, however, are quite luxurious, with a small porch, large bedroom/living area and the dressing room bathroom idea from the other Amans. The suites are air-conditioned, of course, as it is really hot here.

amanwana_0376.JPGThere is not much on this island except the resort although there are a few native villages, one of which supplies about 50 of the staff.The draw here is the beach and the nearby reef for snorkeling. Our tent was right on the beach, with two loungers facing out to sit and enjoy the water.

We swam down the beach on the other side of the dining room from our tent where a wharf had been built to get you out into the sea at low tide. Here also were loungers and staff, ready to bring you water, sun block or even food.

There was an outdoor shower that cascaded down a rock outcropping,amanwana_0374.JPG invisible unless you knew it was there. We snorkeled from the wharf, from an outrigger and from a smaller boat, all of which was some of the best coral and fish sighting ever.

The food was quite good especially when you consider that it is on an island, Moyo Island, an hour and a half boat ride from the main island– Sumbawa. Breakfast was Western with a few local choices.

Lunch and dinner choices were written on a blackboard each meal. There was always a choice between two entrees, two main and two desserts. Each night, there was a special little taste served while we were drinking our cocktails in the bar area. One of these was particularly noteworthy as it was sashimi of wahoo that another guest had caught

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