Crazy Wok

April 9, 2007

4, rue d’Alsace Lorraine. 04 93 87 30 61(January, 2007) Sometimes Gary and I just want a Chinese dinner fix and until now we didn’t really have a happy solution in Nice. Enter Crazy Wok, a redecorated and repositioned restaurant, once called Dim Sum, to answer our plight.Chef Piow Tan comes here from Paris and now holds forth over a very serious stove at the back of the dining room, working (or perhaps we should say “woking”) his dishes over a towering flame. The entrées range in price from 8 to 12€ and include sushi, dim sum and a beef salad. As one would expect from the name, the main courses are all wok worked.The star main on our last visit was a truly generous and well-spiced portion of crevettes at around 20€. The wine list is quite limited but offers a drinkable Chateau Roubine at 21€.

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