Café Stolle Konyshennyi- St. Petersburg

June 20, 2007

csd.jpgcsd.jpgcsd.jpgFive of us went to this Russian café on June 12, 2007. Linda and I returned for lunch on June 14. There are five Café Stolles in Saint Petersburg. The one on Konyshennyi Lane is convenient to The Hermitage and the attractions to its South East. Café Stolle’s specialty is traditional filled pies, both savory and sweet.

 csd.jpgcsd.jpgcsd.jpgcsd.jpgMost of the customers go to the counter where whatever pies and bread that have just been baked are lined up.


We went to the back room, where there is a menu and waitresses. Not all the pies on the menu are available at any time; it depends on what has just come out of the kitchen.

We had mushroom, cabbage, chicken and fish at the two lunches.
The mushroom and chicken pies are surprisingly good. The cabbage pie is boring.

For the first lunch we started with the cold summer borscht; it was a bright red beet broth with julienned beets, meat and cucumbers, plus a glob of sour cream.

We highly recommend the Café Stolle.

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