Kavkaz Bar Restaurant – St. Petersburg

June 20, 2007

Four of us went to this Caucasian restaurant on June 13, 2007. It was a nice ten minute walk from our hotel. The clientele was mostly Russian, but foreigners were greeted and served warmly. The interesting cuisine showed its Georgian and Armenian roots; it seemed authentic and not made up. The prices were quite reasonable for Saint Petersburg. 



Linda started with an eggplant stuffed with cheese.



Karl started with sort of a wild mushroom ragout in a rough pottery bowl. He enjoyed it a lot.



Pat started with a mixed vegetable salad. 



I started with slices of grilled eggplant with a chopped nut topping and little cabbage rolls filled with the same cream of nuts. It was quite good. 



Linda went on to a baked flatbread filled with kidney beans which she liked a lot. 



Karl had the “Fish in Fire” a sort of fish pot pie which arrived flaming. 



Pat had the soupy lamb in coriander, which she pronounced to be excellent. 



I had the beef stuffed with pomegranate seeds, which I enjoyed.



Pat finished with the baklava, which was not as flaky or as sweet as the Greek baklava we are used to.

We had two bottles of an Australian Shiraz which went perfectly. Even in this restaurant, there were no Georgian wines which have been banned from Russia due to political disputes. We are told that they were the best wines in the Soviet Union. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Kavkaz Bar and recommend it.

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