Moscow Restaurant – St. Petersburg

June 20, 2007

On June 12, 2007 four of us went to the Moscow Restaurant on the top of a new business center building overlooking the north-eastern part of Saint Petersburg. This is not the prettiest part of town, but any view is interesting to visitors. The restaurant is a somewhat flashy new place with a young Russian clientele. mrh.jpg

We were the only foreigners. It was less than half full, but this was the national holiday so there were not the business dinners I assume would normally be there.



Linda and I started with smoked eel and avocado. They were diced and served in a little cake with dill and red caviar. The eel flavor was not obvious, but the dish was very nice.  

mrb.jpgPat started with potatoes and herring. She thought that the potatoes were excellent, but that the herring mrb.jpgmrb.jpgwere too salty. 


Pat went on to the suckling pig, which she thought had little flavor. 



Linda had the deer with mashed potatoes which she found boring. 



Karl had the daurade with potatoes. 



I had the grilled ribeye with salted cucumbers. The beef was exceptionally good: a flavourful, tender, grass-fed piece. We don’t know where it came from, but I guessed frozen from Argentina.  

With all of this we had a bottle of Finca la Linda, an Argentine viognier. Then a 1999 Col d’Orcia Brunello di Montalcino; this cost more than we had planned to spend due to an error on my part, but it was decanted and served nicely and was delicious. Georgian and Moldavian wines have disappeared from Russia due to political disputes so now one does well to order from Australia, Argentina or Spain.  



Ice cream with strawberries finished the meal. We had a good time and some of the food was quite good, but I would not recommend the restaurant at the price.

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