Restoran – St. Petersburg

June 20, 2007

Four of us went for dinner at this Russian restaurant behind the old customs house and the commodity exchange on Vasilievsky Island. The décor is open and airy, which is unusual in Saint Petersburg.aqd.jpg 

 Pleasant guitar music was playing. There was a big family party in the back room.    .


Pat started with the veal tongue salad, which was really excellent.



Linda had the elk dumplings, sort of little light beggar’s purses with a good elkmeat filling. 





Karl and I started with the “Russian Table,” a buffet of Russian hors d’oeuvres. It included a superb pumpkin purée. 



Pat and Karl went on to the venison, which they found excellent. 



Linda had the beefsteak with vegetables. She was disappointed that the beef was not as good as the pieces I had had elsewhere. 



I had the pork with sage on a bed of chopped mushrooms with julienned cabbage, bulgar and potatoes, all liberally sprinkled with dill. 

We had two bottles of Australian Shiraz. 




Finally we chose desserts from the dessert buffet.



We highly recommend Restoran, both for its food and its ambience.  

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