The Admiralty Restaurant – Tsarskoye Selo

June 20, 2007

After a morning of serious palace visiting on June 13, 2007, the five of us arrived at The Admiralty Restaurant about 2:00.


Alexey had made a reservation, but we decided to sit in the informal terrace by the lake rather than in the heavily decorated dining room upstairs. The restaurant is in an 18th century building on the other side of the Great Pond from the Tsarskoye Selo palaces.


I started with a cold soup based on kvass, the fermented bread liquor popular here. It had chunks of vegetables in it and a side bowl of sour cream. arbb.jpgarbb.jpgPat started with the mushroom soup. Wild mushrooms seem to be plentiful at this time of year and we found them in many restaurant dishes.  Karl had an arugula salad.  arbb.jpgarbb.jpg

arbb.jpgLinda and Alexey started with “the fish soup of the tsars” made from sturgeon and salmon, garnished with a crayfish.

.  arc.jpg

I went on to have a shashlik of a flavourful, tender grass-fed beef. I wonder where it was raised. It was served with a tomato-chive sauce. Chives, dill and parsley are used liberally here. 

. are.jpg

Pat and Karl went on to blini with salmon roe. Alexey had meat cutlets. 



Linda had potato cutlets with mushroom sauce. 

We started with the very refreshing cranberry drink that one finds often in Saint Petersburg. Three of us then had half-liters of the local “Baltic” beer on draft while Pat and Alexey had small glasses of vodka. 


The whole meal was very enjoyable and we felt that we were eating real Russian food. (Well, maybe not the Arugula salad or the espressos and cappuccino with which we finished.) 


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