L’Escapade – Beuil

June 27, 2007

On June 21, 2007, Linda and I spent the night at L’Escapade, one of the two inns in Beuil, a very old perched village an hour drive north of Nice. Beuil, at 1,500 meters, now lives on skiing in the winter and hiking and biking in the summer. Niçois have weekend houses in and around the town. Our room was very basic, but did have its own tiny bathroom and a balcony overlooking the town parking lot, the valley and the mountains to the south.  We had dinner in the rustic dining room with Bruno and Fernanda, who have a nearby old shepherds’ cottage as their weekend house. Linda and I made the mistake of ordering the 26 € Menu Gourmand avec Specialités de Beuil, instead of the regular 21 € Menu du Terroir which Bruno and Fernanda ordered. There was more than enough to eat. We had the overly exotic house apéritifs and ordered a bottle of Gigondas. 




We all started with platters of charcuterie from which we could serve ourselves, but Linda and I also had a few thin slices of good ham. There was a jar of house-preserved sanguins, local mushrooms.



Linda then had six snails in puff pastry cups.




I had three farcies Niçoises, vegetable halves stuffed with ground meat. We both liked our first courses. 



Linda and Fernanda then had the duck legs with olives, which they liked. Bruno enjoyed his mushroom lasagne.




I didn’t care for my daube de boeuf.



Linda and I skipped the crottin de chèvre which was on our menu, but we all enjoyed the ice cream with génépi, a local liqueur made from aromatic mountain plants.



In the morning an ample breakfast is served in the dining room to prepare one for the day’s vigourous adventures.  L’Escapade is fine for a night before going on to a day’s activities in the area, although many people we know would just drive up from Nice in the morning.  

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