Café Luxembourg – NYC

July 19, 2007

On Friday the Thirteenth of July 2007 Linda, Roan and I dined at Café Luxembourg before the Kirov Das Rheingold at The Metropolitan Opera House. It has been a classic Lincoln Center pre-theater restaurant since 1983. We ordered a bottle of the 2004 King Estate Pinot Gris, which was okay, but a bit tart. 


Linda started with the English pea risotto with mint and a bit of lemon zest on top. She thought it was very good.



Roan enjoyed the arugula ravioli with pine nuts, cardomom and preserved lemon.



I ordered the zucchini blossom tempura with goat cheese, cardomom and toasted pine nuts. I would not have chosen it if I had known that the goat cheese was not served alongside, but was stuffed in the zucchini blossoms, thus making it impossible for them to be crisp as a tempura should be.



Linda and I then had the Friday special: poached lobster pieces, out of the shell served with small poached vegetables. It was a nice dish.



Roan had the Prime New York Strip steak with peppercorn sauce and a pile of French fries.



Linda and Roan finished with crèmes brulées.



My dessert was the strawberry pecan shortcake.  

The whole meal was fine, with friendly efficient service, but quite ordinary. If you want haute cuisine before the opera, go to Picholine.

One Response to “Café Luxembourg – NYC”

  1. Barbara Says:

    In early August while visiting NYC I dined at the Cafe’ Luxembourg. I met a former student, Shelley D,who is working in the fashion industry. After our first course of salads, we sellected the entree’s of Skirted Steak and Salmon. We found the atmosphere and food a great way to visit enjoy an evening on New York City’s west side. Your blog was a great help !

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