Annisa, NYC 1

July 26, 2007

For the first event celebrating my 67th birthday we went to Annisa with Gary and Varian on July 24, 2007. When we arrived, they had already ordered a bottle of Prosecco and put presents at my place.  


We ordered the seven course chef’s tasting menu at $88. There is also a five course tasting menu at $68 and an à la carte menu from which the tasting menus are drawn with smaller portions.  Looking forward to all these courses we ordered three bottles of wine: 

2006 Penner Ash (Rogue River Valley) Viognier; 

2003 “Don Miguel Vineyard” Marimar Torres Estates (Russian River) Pinot Noir; 

2001 Cape Mentelle (Margaret River) Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The first two were delicious and perfect with the food. The last was a bit closed. Unfortunately the restaurant only has two decanters; one was in use at another table and so our second red wine couldn’t be decanted until the first one was all poured.  


qb.jpgThe amuse-gueule was a white bean purée in little pastry cups. All of the food was excellent so I will not repeat that with each course. The cuisine was imaginative, well thought out, with fresh ingredients and well presented on the plates. Many of the dishes were quite complex so I will only describe the main ingredients. As Varian said of the sable: “There’s a lot going on here.” The service was friendly, efficient, informative and well-paced. The ambience was nice, not fancy, but not noisy and with the tables well-spaced.



The first course was Tuna with Three Mints, quite different variations of the theme. The last one, on the right, in which the tuna was slow-poached in olive oil was sensational. 



The second course was Seared Foie Gras with Soup Dumpling and Jicama. We were instructed to hold the dumpling in the spoon with our chopsticks and bite off an end so some of the soup could flow into the porcelain spoon and then to taste it. I think they said that it was a tea-smoked foie gras soup; it was delicious. 




Third was Miso Marinated Sable with Crispy Silken Tofu in a Bonito Broth. Sable is a kind of black sea bass. The tofu had been coated in a custard before being deep fried.



Fourth was Pan Roasted Filet of Halibut with White Maitake and Fava Beans. The halibut was seared on one side only with a spice crust. It was all served on a leek purée. The Maitake mushrooms were outstanding. 



The fifth course was Veal and Veal Sweetbreads with Rhubard, Barberry and Pistachio. Veal tenderloin pieces were served with a crisp deep fried sweetbread, pistachio purée and a leek gratin. 



The cheese course was next, seven small pieces of cheese from around the world served with apple slices and a nut bread. 



We were each given different desserts; mine was a tarte of thinly sliced apples surrounded by a rich caramel sauce, topped with a scoop of ice cream and my birthday candle.  The others were: 



Meyer lemon bread pudding with poppy seeds. 



A “chocolate biscuit” with ice cream. 



A white chocolate peppermint parfait. 



The friandises were tamarind popsicles, peppermint truffles and candied ginger. 

Our evening at Annisa was excellent. We will certainly recommend it to others and will return.

One Response to “Annisa, NYC 1”

  1. galen Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday young man! Sounds and looks like a fine meal without a lot of background noise.

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