Giovanni Venti Cinque Restaurant – NYC

July 28, 2007

For the second dining event of my 67th birthday we went to Giovanni Venti Cinque Restaurant with Françoise and John. This restaurant is off the radar. It was dropped from the Zagats in 2007. It has a brief mention in the New York magazine listings. We had never been there, even though it is three blocks from our apartment. But we had a very nice evening. pa.jpg

Having had apéritifs at our apartment, on sitting down at our table we ordered a bottle of the 1996 Adriano (Marco e Vittorio) Barbaresco. Our friendly and efficient waiter decanted it without having to be asked. It was so good we ordered a second bottle.

pc.jpg  pf.jpg


A plate of sausage pieces, cheese, olives and a radish arrived.



Françoise and I started with the beet carpaccio, grilled shrimp and baby spinach. They were nicely complementary and contrasting.



Linda and John started with the seared figs and scallops with a sweet red pepper sauce, which were good.




Françoise went on to the grilled Dover sole with truffled mashed potatoes.  



Linda had the fresh prosciutto tortellini with peas, cream and parmesan. 



John had the linguini with little neck clams and saffron. 



I had the osso buco with saffron risotto. 



My birthday cake was a flourless rich chocolate one. Grappas were offered on the house. The meal had been well cooked. Only my osso buco showed the overly heavy hand one associates with this sort of traditional New York Italian cuisine. I’m sure we will go back.      

Giovanni Venti Cinque Restaurant

(212) 988-7300

25 E 83rd St,

New York, NY 10028-0421       

One Response to “Giovanni Venti Cinque Restaurant – NYC”

  1. Elaine Ridder Says:

    I enjoyed your Birthday dinners!

    Say Hello to Linda from me!


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