Eve’s, Old Alexandria, Virginia

August 25, 2007

Marilee and I had a lovely evening in a very good ambience while having the five-course tasting menu at Eve's in Old Alexandria, Virginia, August 22, 2007.  Chef Cathal Armstrong offers four to six choices for each course of the five-course menu, at $95, and a longer, set tasting menu at  $125.  We were told that sommelier could choose wines to go specifically with each of our courses, but we chose a 2005 Domaine Joseph Voillot Volnay, Vieilles Vignes instead, having had our Chandon apéritif in Marilee's backyard.


We dined in "The Tasting Room" as opposed to the "Bistro," which has another menu.  There was a nice amuse-geule, as shown with Marilee.


hg.jpgMarilee's first course was Eastern Shore Corn Custard with Avocado and the "World's Hottest Sauce" dobbed on top.  Marilee thought the custard with avocado was excellent, but as both the menu and our congenial waitress warned, the sauce was indeed hot, too hot to be used.

Linda passed up the terrine of Muscovy duck with figs, seared raw ahi tuna, marinated hamichi and housemade boudin noir and ordered the Sautéed Moulard Duck Foie Gras with White Peaches, Basil and Pickled Shallots. An interesting dish but the portion of foie gras was very small for the $25 supplement and it seemed to me that there was an overwhelming taste of ginger in the sauce which even the offered glass of Barsac could not calm down.



Sweet Butter Poached Maine Lobster with Heirloom Carrots, Ginger and Basil was Marilee's second course. She thought the lobster was sweet and wonderful.



I had an excellent Sautéed Diver's Scallop Sausage with Scallop Velouté, Baby Leeks and Yukon Gold Potato.



Gamebird Farms Quail with Heirloom Beets, Purplette Onions and Foie Gras Jus was my third and very good course. The quail had an authentic gamey flavor.



Marilee found her Roasted Loin of Shenandoah Lamb chewy, but the "champ" potatoes with garlic served with it excellent. Colsten and Basset Stilton Tartlet with Caramelized Onion and Bacon was the fourth course for both of us and it was very good. Sorry, no photo.


hf1.jpg Marilee said her Chocolate Sesame Mousse with Date Ice Cream hit the spot.

Linda asked that her Goat Cheese Crème Brulée with Figs and Pistachio Ice Cream be heated in the kitchen because the little slice of goat cheese showed no evidence of being "bruléed" on its first appearance. The figs from Eve's garden behind the restaurant were very good.

A plate of mignardises followed. I'd certainly go back to Eve's.    After having been there, I've learned that Armstrong is very much an award-winning chef, both in the Washington, DC, area and that he was a nominee for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic for the 2007 James Beard Foundation Awards. 


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