Colette Café, Eze Village

October 9, 2007

On October 2, 2007 Linda and I went up to the bird migration observation post at the Fort de la Revère, high above Eze and La

The post is manned by a friendly and knowledgeable employe of the French bird preservation league (LPO), an organisation in continual struggle with the powerful French hunting lobby. We only saw one interesting bird, an osprey (balbuzard pêcheur) on its solitary way down the coast to winter in Spain or beyond. The osprey is unusual in that it exists on all continents. The North American is supposed to be bigger than the European sub-species, but this seemed larger than the many ospreys we have seen in the U.S. 



We walked a bit in the park of the fort. We could see our house way below to the west. Then we drove down to the Hermitage on the Grande Corniche below for lunch. But it was unusually closed for the day so we went down to Eze Village and found the Colette Café  which had opened in July on the Place Colette just to the east of the climb up to old Eze. 



We ordered a bottle of Gigondas and a half-bottle of San Pellegrino.  



Linda started with bresaola (thin slices of dried beef) around mushrooms on greens with truffle oil.



I started with the Colette plate, an assortment of hams, salamis etc around a small salad. 



Linda went on to the tortelloni in a sage butter. 



I continued with the “Near Eastern” grilled lamb served with mixed sweet peppers and onions heavily flavoured with cumin. There was also a mound of couscous with raisins and orange peel. 

We skipped dessert and had coffee.  All of our food was well prepared with good ingredients. It was efficiently and cheerfully served and was a bargain at 86 €. This seems like a nice new restaurant, which one could rely on for a lunch or dinner.       

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