Mirazur, Menton 3

October 9, 2007

Driving back from Cervo on September 27, 2007, Linda and I decided to skip an Italian lunch and go back to Mirazur, where we had eaten so well three weeks before. Even without a reservation we were seated at a table by the window with a view of the sea. The sun was shining on the old city of Menton, but soon threatening clouds rolled in and we could see rain out to sea.  We started with a coupe de Champagne (Taittinger) for Linda and a glass of Côteaux d’Aix white wine for me.  


They were served with the usual tasty little hors d’oeuvres.

The tasting menu had not changed since our last visit so Linda ordered à la carte and I had the day’s lunch menu, not so much because it was a bargain at 35€, but because I like smoked mackerel and lamb’s feet which are not on many menus. Linda’s orders turned out to be two dishes not on the menu suggested by the maître d’hôtel. 


We ordered a bottle of red Bandol from a domaine I had not heard of before; it was nice.



The amuse-gueule was a cream of cèpes with a scoop of foie gras ice cream on top. Sinfully delicious.  



Linda started with mixed wild mushrooms on a bed of quinoa with a foam that was supposed to be of white truffle, but didn’t actually have any taste. 



I started with a salad of mackerel pieces, barely smoked in house. It was served with slices of braised daikon radish, scattered greens, dabs of caramelized vinegar and small clams (coques.) 



Linda’s main course was a crispy mallard with celery, mushrooms and braised red cabbage. 



My main course was the meat and gelatinous parts of lamb’s feet deep fried. It was served with little braised onions and sorrel leaves. 



My dessert was a chibouste of Menton lemons and verbena ice cream with an almond tile. 



The mignardises were delicious as usual.  The meal was very nice. It wasn’t as memorable as our first time, both because we had a smaller meal and because the surprise factor was gone. But we were very happy to be there. Mirazur is definitely one of the top addresses on the Côte d’Azur.            

2 Responses to “Mirazur, Menton 3”

  1. Laurent Says:

    Hey Michael,

    I think we were there the same day (Sep. 27)and that you may have been at the table next to ours actually. It’s a small world, right?

    As we ordered (and took pictures of) different dishes, I’m under the umpression our posts complement each other fairly well. Don’t you think?

    In any event, keep up the good work. Hope you enjoyed my blog too. Just posted a review of La Merenda in Nice. Feel free to stop by again and share some thoughts.


  2. Laurent V Says:

    Hi Michael,

    FYI, Mauro at Mirazur has been recently promoted Chef of the Year Gaut&Millau 2009.


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