La Saletta in Certaldo

October 25, 2007

Via Roma, 3 ; 0571 668188;

(October 12, 200) Hats off to Pat and Bill who told us about this restaurant, saying it was the best meal they had had in their recent three weeks in Italy. Not only would we never had made our way to Certaldo, but we would never have found this place.

We parked in the town square and set out to find it. Facing the square is a bakery at the address we wanted. We walked through the bakery, passed the kitchen and came out into a small dining room, which seated maybe 8-10 people. certaldo-300x311.jpgThere was also another room of the same size up a few steps and off the side street going into the square. Jean Pierre, in his jeans and sneakers, led us through our food and wine orders. The wine was a Brancaia, Chianti Classico 2004 ( which was 26€ and so good we bought some at a wine store later on. It is a mix of Sangiovese and a little merlot.Varian couldn’t resists the seasonal soup made with cavolo nero, the dark green kale-like vegetable so loved by the Tuscans. certaldo-2-250x189.jpgThe spinach gnocchi with ricotta and gorgonzola was just to Gary’s taste. The main courses were equally wonderful.Gary’s beefsteak, cooked in Brunello di Montalcino and drizzled with oil, was dressed with just enough peppercorns so he had one with each bite.certaldo-4-250x205.jpgA dish called “tonno del Chianti” intrigued Varian enough to order it. Jean Pierre had described it as prosciutto and beans with spices. That is exactly what it was, but who could have imagined that the prosciiutto would be in chunks that fell apart they were so tender. The rosemary and green peppercorns flavored the beans perfectly.

The total for all of that came to 81€ and was well worth it.

One Response to “La Saletta in Certaldo”

  1. Richard & Lisa Says:

    My wife and I stumbled on this resturant one night when we were looking for a place to eat while staying in Certaldo. I have to agree that this was the best food that we ate while visiting in Italy. The duck salad was great and the Osso Bucco was even better. We ended up eating there three nights in a row.

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