Ristorante Enoclub, Alba

November 3, 2007

Our favorite shopping street anywhere is the via Vittorio Emanuele II which cuts through the center of old Alba. Its history and charming relaxed ambience combined with outstanding merchandise, particularly in food and wine, are unique. Linda and I went back to it again on Tuesday, October 30, 2007. 


We were there at the height of the white truffle season, but the heavily promoted truffle fair and market is only on Saturdays, when a big courtyard just off the street is full of stands, entertainment and tourists. 



After an hour and a half of browsing and buying, we put our filled shopping bags in our car and met for aperitivo at the Vincafé, halfway down the via Vittorio Emanuele II. As a light rain was just starting, the tables outside were not in use. The house white wine is the Vietti Arneis, from the Roero just north of Alba. It is served with little open-faced sandwiches.    

Then we window-shopped our way to the Piazza Savona at the end of the street and went down a staircase under the arcades to the Ristorante « Enoclub.»  We ordered a bottle of the 2001 Bovio Rocchettevino Barolo from the extensive wine list.  



We started with the Uova in Cocotte con Tartufo Bianco d’Alba, a whole egg with cream on top baked in a ramekin with white truffles shaved over it. 



Linda followed with the Coniglio al forno ripieno con Finferli, sliced rolled rabbit roast stuffed with girolle mushrooms and garnished with girolles and potatoes. 



I had the Tagliata di Vitello alla Erbe Aromatiche, slices of seared mature veal with braised vegetables. 



We finished by sharing a Torte di Noccioli, the hazelnut cake which is an Alba specialty, served with a fresh sabayon. Then we walked back to our car down the length of the via Vittorio Emanuele II, now deserted as all the shops sensibly close for several hours at lunchtime. Enoclub had been much like the street: welcoming and charming making top quality seem natural and something to be just enjoyed and not gushed over.   

Some photos along the street:



There were truffles, of course, some of them huge. 




There were beautiful, big fresh porcini and bags of top quality dried ones.











2 Responses to “Ristorante Enoclub, Alba”

  1. Elaine Ridder Says:

    Your trip to Alba brought back fond memories of my trip to Bologna and Piedmonte. I took a train from Milan to Bologna and spent a a week at a cooking school in Bologna. The following week we visited Alba and enjoyed the truffle festival. We also went on a truffle hunt with dogs. Very exciting trip as we enjoyed many delicious truffles, cheeses and good wines.

  2. Blair Says:

    Looking at the photos of your stroll down via Vittorio Emanuelle II brought back a flood of memories from 2 years ago when we did the same. I can only imagine how the the scent of truffles filled the air during harvest time, since even in Spring when we were there the air was thick with truffle perfume.

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