Dinner party at Kirin Restaurant, Honolulu

February 1, 2008

On January 31, 2008, Galen gave a dinner party for twelve in a private room at Kirin, a Chinese restaurant despite its Japanese sounding name. There were many courses served one at a time after a presentation of the platter to everyone. We had a very good time.

Linda chats with our host.


Cellophane noodles with lotus root.


nc.jpg nd.jpg ne.jpg
Winter melon soup


nf.jpg  ng.jpg
A whole chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and then sealed with bread dough before roasting. This is a modern version of the very traditional Beggars’ Chicken which was baked in clay. 




A deep-fried whole fish.


Peppered beef tenderloin with green beans and sliced onions.


Pei pa tofu with spinach..

Salted fish fried rice. 


Baby bok choy and “kung pao shrimp” (shrimp with peanuts, vegetables and chilis.)


Red bean soup with a dumpling filled with a sweet sesame soup. 

Kirin Restaurant
2518 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826


One Response to “Dinner party at Kirin Restaurant, Honolulu”

  1. George Rusznak Says:

    It looks like Hawaii is a culinary success. After Hawaiian fusion and the Japanese/French fusion, I was expecting Kirin to be a Chinese/French fusion, which I think has tremendous possibilities. While the dishes seemed to be attractive and in some ways imaginative and unusual, Kirin, apparently is still Chinese/Chinese. Although there was no qualitative evaluation, it is probably quite a few notches above your basic Chop Suey house.

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