Lebrina, Hobart

February 18, 2008

The Gourmet Traveller, a useful Australian magazine website, rates Lebrina as the best restaurant in Tasmania. Sharon, Rob, Linda and I dined there on February 13, 2008. Lebrina is in an old house north of Hobart. na2.jpg
The ground floor is still divided into several rooms with the kitchen in the back. We were put in a room with just one table in the middle and one on the side for serving so it was like a private dining room. The décor is Victorian.

Linda and I ordered glasses of Jansz Tasmanian sparkling wine which was quite nice. We then ordered a bottle of the 2005 Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir because we had enjoyed it so much at Marque IV three nights before. This was disappointing and I saw later that I had forgotten that the first bottle was the reserve. Little warm cheese puffs and olives cured in fennel and chili were put on the table..nb2.jpg
Linda and I started with Seared local abalone & local scallops with Berkshire pork belly and celeriac salad. Very nice.

Rob started with Eggplant ‘Imam Bayeldi.’ This version was spiced eggplant with tomato, coriander, mint, sheep’s milk yoghurt and wafers. It had too much tomato paste and chili.

Linda’s main course was the Pan fried venison fillet; leek, onion and bread pudding and a glaze from Stoney Vineyard lees.


Rob and Sharon had the King Island beef fillet with Café de Paris butter and potato puree.


My main course was the Crisp duck magret, eggplant roasted with garlic & basil & a fresh tomato sauce.


For dessert Sharon had the Warm vanilla pudding with lemon curd and cream.

Linda had the Malt crème brulée with citrus ice cream.

We had a very nice evening. Except for the eggplant, the cuisine was interesting without being overdone. Although my sample is small, Lebrina was the best restaurant we went to in Tasmania.


The happy diners outside after the meal.

155 New Town Rd
New Town, Tasmania, 7008

03 6228 7775

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