Matsuri, Perth

February 20, 2008

On February 15, 2008, Linda, Tony and I ate at Matsuri before an exotic performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream at His Majesty’s Theater nearby in downtown Perth.  This is a popular restaurant, not fancy and with attractive prices, but we found the quality to be excellent.

na4.jpg  .nc3.jpg
Linda started with the Tsukune
Skewered chicken meat balls in Teriyaki sauce.


Tony’s first course was Gyoza
Pan-fried pork dumplings


Mine was Tempura
Lightly battered fried seafood and vegetables

The batter was light and the tempura was served nice and hot.


Linda’s main course was the Grilled eel roll set.

The sets included a nice bowl of bean sprouts, miso soup and an incongruous lettuce salad.



Tony went on to the Una Don
Grilled fresh eel in our teriyaki sauce over rice

This was very good.


My main was the Soft shell crab roll set.

They told me that the soft shell crab comes from Thailand. Apparently there is a big new industry raising mangrove crabs in Southeast Asia and substituting them for the traditional cold water blue crab as soft shell crabs in Asian cooking. The flavor is similar, but I have not had one which matches the original.

We had two iced carafes of the house sake.

It was a very satisfactory meal. I had the impression that the kitchen was seriously concerned about serving good food and not just producing it.



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