The Food Farmacy, Dunsborough, Western Australia

February 25, 2008

On February 18, 2008, Linda and I dined at The Food Farmacy in a shopping center in Dunsborough. It was a short drive from the Empire Retreat in Yallingyup, where we were staying. The chef’s father was a pharmacist so he has adopted the theme. kj1.jpgka4.jpg
Condiments are in test tubes. The music shuffles between annoying and pleasant.

Linda’s aperitif was the house sparkling wine, a Spanish sequra viudas; mine was the house chardonnay.

We ordered a bottle of 2005 Salitage Pinot Noir from Pemberton, a town to the south through which we had driven earlier in the day. It was very nice.


The amuse-gueule was a ginger beer sorbet and a snapper cevice with a dab of wasabe in soy sauce in the middle. Amusing.

. ke2.jpg
Linda started with the Scallops 5 Ways. Some of the ways were quite complicated and entertaining (I did not take notes.) She liked them.


My starter was the beetroot cured barramundi, watercress+lychee salad, ginger beer sorbet, orange+vanilla caramel. The fish was somewhat like a colored carpaccio. The whole thing was fun and enjoyable.


Linda continued with the ½ duck, prosciutto porcini+lentil ragu, parsnip puree, carrot. It was really good.


My main course was the potted pork shank + prawn, preserved lime+pickled galangal soup, 5 condiments. When I asked how to eat this, I was told twice to enjoy the meats with the condiments. So I would spoon chunks of pork, or a prawn, out of the little black cauldron with some of the broth and eat that with pieces of one of the “condiments.” They were amusing, except for the innocent looking rice mound which sheltered fiery chili bits. The galangal broth tasted like a ponzu sauce to me.

Our main courses had been rich and filling so we skipped dessert. The meal had been fun. It showed that the chef has talent and a sense of humor.

The Food Farmacy
Unit 1
9 Dunn Bay Rd
Dunsborough, WA 6281

08 9759 1877

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