Crystal Jade Jiang Nan Cuisine, Singapore

March 4, 2008

On February 24, 2008, Jerry, Kim, Linda and I dined at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan Cuisine. This restaurant is more upscale than most of the restaurants in the Crystal Jade group and specializes in Shanghai cuisine. It is in the Takashimaya Shopping Centre near the Orchard Road subway station.

A bowl of nuts and dipping sauces for each of us was on the table. We had glasses of white wine while we were discussing the extensive menu and, after settling on our choices, ordered a bottle of Hardy Pathaway unwooded (South Australia) Chardonnay, which we liked a lot. All of the courses were presented in a single serving dish and then divided into four at a side table.

The first course was one Scallop with shrimp paste and crab roe.
I thought that this worked very well. The sauce was complementary to the scallop and not too gooey.


Then we had Sauteed frog with special sauce. To eat the frogs legs you had to hold them in your chopsticks and gnaw around the bone. I thought the flavor was good, reminiscent of French frogs legs, but the sauce was a bit too spicy for me.

We moved on to Seafood fried rice which was pleasant, but a bit bland. This dish needs to be cooked with more of a seafood stock in the way a Risotto Fruitti di Mare would be in Venice.


Then came Deep fried crispy duck with steamed dumpling and hoisin sauce. I liked this a lot, as I usually do with good crispy duck.


Fried Bean Curd with mushroom and spinach
followed. This was nice.


Dessert was Souffle eggwhite ball. We had enjoyed this so much at lunch at Imperial Treasure that we wanted to try it here. The puffed eggwhite wrapper wasn’t executed quite as well, but the red bean and banana filling was as good.


After the meal we went back to Jerry and Kim’s lovely nearby apartment.

One Response to “Crystal Jade Jiang Nan Cuisine, Singapore”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I enjoyed viewing the colorful menu today. I was especially interested in the Fried bean Curd with mushroom and spinach sauce. The Eggwhite Souffle dessert looks very inviting… and a little like the snowstorm in Ohio today !

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