Le Diamant Noir, Nice 6 & 7

March 11, 2008

On March 6, 2008, two days before our friend Kees’ birthday, we invited him and his brother Flip, with their wives Els and Lide, to join Linda and me at Le Diamant Noir  to celebrate with the truffled Menu Dégustation. We all had a happy celebration.

The wines were a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and two bottles of the 2005 Cuvée Privée Bruno de Lorgues Côtes de Ventoux red. They were just right for the occasion.



nc1.jpg nb.jpg
The amuse-gueule was a little glass of a cappuccino of truffled ash-smoked chestnuts and an hors d’oeuvre of camembert with truffles. Very nice.


The first course was a Minestrone de Légumes à la Truffe. It was served with truffled warmed goat cheese on a small slice of bread: a pleasant way to start.

. nf.jpgne.jpg
The next two courses were served together : a Salade de Roquette, Artichauts, Parmesan et Truffes and a Millefeuille d’Asperge à la Truffe. The asparagus had a sort of creamy parmesan sauce that went well.
Then came Filet de Rouget sur Royale de Cresson à la Truffe. This was superb and a change from some other meals here when the fish course was not up to the rest of the menu. The filets were fresh and cooked just right, which can be difficult with this small, delicate fish. The mousse of watercress had been moulded into a little cake and flavoured the foam underneath.

The meat course was the Mini Burger Foie Gras à la Truffe. Benjamin has long had the truffled hamburger on his à la carte menu, but this is the first time he has put it, in a half-sized version, on the tasting menu. The generous slice of fresh foie gras on top was perfectly done. The bordelaise sauce and the truffle slices added different dimensions of richness and the hot fried potatoes were the traditional offset. The whole dish was just right for the relaxed festive occasion.



nl.jpg nk.jpg

The menu called for a Crème brulée Vanille et sa Quenelle au Chocolat, but Benjamin emerged from the kitchen carrying a cake with three candles, a giant sparkler and greetings for our three friends whose birthdays are in February and March. It was a light crunchy chocolate.


And so, as usual at Le Diamant Noir, we went home well fed and feeling very good about having spent a lovely evening together.

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Le Diamant Noir 7

Written by Linda


After our superb dinner March 6, Els and I decided to lunch at Le Diamant Noir on Thursday, March 20, 2008, because we wanted to visit a friend nearby. Our Menu: “24 carats,” with truffe tuber aestivum, was excellent, but next time we lunch at Le Diamant Noir  we will order lighter fare, like the oeufs brouillard à la truffe or risotto à la truffe.  The menu’s dishes were not large, but rich for lunchtime.  And, as Benjamin and Sandrine have said, at lunchtime they offer à la carte and luncheon menus, with or without truffles, quickly so that clients can lunch and get back to work or on to their appointments. The welcome by David was warm, as always, and our amuse-gueule was the same luscious little glass of a cappuccino of truffled ash-smoked chestnuts and an hors d’oeuvre of camembert with truffles that we had enjoyed two weeks earlier.

Our single plate of four offerings, started with a glass of minestrone de légumes à la truffe. Below you see the excellent little millefeuille d’asperge à la truffe.  On we moved to the rouget sur royale de cresson, the same superbly-done rouget dish we had the evening of March 6. The two substantial flans of watercress you see above the rougets were perfect, topped with their truffles.  Our crème brulée, in the upper left corner, was a just-right finish to this substantial lunch.

Our glasses of Côte du Rhone La Cavée blanc went well with the meal.  And we were especially pleased that David turned down the music at our request.  There were five other diners for lunch that day and none looked like they missed the music video sound.

2 Responses to “Le Diamant Noir, Nice 6 & 7”

  1. George Says:

    It was great to see Kees and Els again, both in apparent fine form. Please convey to him our good wishes for the occasion.

    Actually, everyone looked great, although Michael appeared to have taken more than his share of the champagne.

    The menu and the dishes looked wonderful. Finally, there were some dishes and ingredients that we can relate to and love, although we have had difficulty finding the hamburger with the fois gras on the menu of our local McDonalds.
    Julie and George

  2. Although we do not have to have extra reasons to visit lyda and phillip again…you sure gave us one. It all looks delicious!

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