La Coupole, Paris

March 13, 2008

La Coupole has been a well-known Paris address since 1927. Ernest Hemingway, Josephine Baker and Jean-Paul Sartre were regular customers. It was renovated a few years ago and is still a popular brasserie. Joëlle, Linda and I had lunch there on March 11, 2008.

We were seated toward the back of the enormous art-deco dining room. They completely filled one section of the room before opening another, presumably to create a sense of animation, but it made the noise level very high despite the elevated ceilings.

We ordered a bottle of the 2005 Guigal Condrieu. It is always good.

Joëlle started with the tartare of herring moulded into a little cake, which she liked.


Linda and I started with a house specialty: Tarama. This Greek specialty is made by La Coupole from cod roe. It was fresh and crisp. The thin freshly grilled bread slices went well.


Joëlle went on to the filet of lotte with mixed vegetables.


Linda had the Salade Coupole, which was supposed to feature foie gras and figs, but had smoked duck breast instead of the figs. It was still enjoyable.


I had the Sole Meunière with its traditional steamed potatoes, which was quite nice.

We skipped dessert and had coffee.

The meal had been the kind of bistro food we expected and it was enjoyable to see the historic décor and photos of celebrities on the wall. The service had been quite sloppy, but I have read that is a tradition at La Coupole. So be it.


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