Le Caprice, London 2

April 10, 2008

On April 7, 2008, Sally, Linda and I dined at Le Caprice. in St. James’s near the Ritz Hotel. Our aperitif was a glass each of Limoux Chardonnay 2005 Château d’Antugnac. Chardonnays and sparkling wines from this little known region in Southwest France can be excellent, as this one was. We ordered a bottle of Rioja ‘Propiedad’ 2004 Bodegas Palacios Remondo, which we enjoyed throughout the rest of the meal.



Linda started with a Le Caprice specialty, the Dressed Dorset Crab with Celeriac Rémoulade, which she liked. Sally had a green salad. 

I started with the Chargrilled Octopus with Chilli & Capers. It was well done; the chilis were mild and the capers essential to bringing the dish to life.

Sally went on to the Loin of Yellow-fin Tuna with spiced lentil salsa and rocket.



Linda had the Salmon Fishcake with buttered spinach and sorrel sauce. Her photo is fuzzy, but this second house specialty was an excellent, moist fishcake, not overcooked. The spinach was superb.



My main course was the Grilled Calfs Liver with colcannon & crispy bacon.  This was very nice and very British. Colcannon is a mix of potatoes, cabbage and whatever else is around. The waiter offered me three kinds of mustard to add on the side. We skipped dessert. 

Despite its French name, and considerable foreign influences, particularly French, Le Caprice is a very English restaurant. The construction of the menu, and of most of the dishes, evolves from traditional English cuisine. It is no wonder that this restaurant has been a success for a long time. As visitors we enjoyed going there on our first evening back in London and joining the party.

To see Gary and Varian’s blogpost on their unscheduled lunch at Le Caprice last November click here.


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