Hostellerie Les Gorges de Pennafort (update)

May 7, 2008

(This relates a second visit; address and website on earlier entry)

( May 2, 2008 ) Another fine spring day, but this time a drive in the country to the charming Hostellerie Les Gorges de Pennafort, where we ate in January

and vowed to return armed with camera and paper.
En route, we again stopped at the Domaine du Grand Esclan where Mitchell and Michelle bought some table wines and a bottle of the special vintage red, 2003.Thus provisioned, we arrived at our dining destination and were shown to their terrace, one flight up and hanging out over the road, overlooking the gorges. It is ringed with baskets of petunias and large white parasols to shade the sun, which the staff obligingly put up when we asked for one.

Seated, we discussed the market menu (€45) but the 56€ menu with its more interesting choices is the one we all settled on.

Mitchell wisely chose a Louis Latour Givry 2001(65€) to start and followed it with a 2003 Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot (75€), also Louis Latour, to continue.

While we were awaiting our amuse bouche, we nibbled on a plate of little crostini with fresh herbed cheese or cold meat. Our first dish, and a particularly splendid one it was, was a cauliflower cream soup.

We then expected the entrées we had ordered, but we were pleasantly surprised to be served crab in a green aspic with a divine horseradish cream garnish. Then we all got a small, warm but crustless rouget tart followed by a mouthwatering ravioli of foie gras with truffles and Parmesan cheese.

As in our last visit, they served us all the entrées, not just the ones we had ordered. This is a truly nice touch and lets you experience a wide variety of tastes. To clear our palates, a sorbet of pink champagne did the trick.

The main course, which to Michelle and Mitchell was the highlight along with the ravioli, was veal chop with snow peaks, leeks in a brown sauce.

The cheese tray included very attractive choices or a fromage blanc, herbed or plain, which Gary and Mitchell enjoyed.

Then we had to choose our desserts.

Michelle had noticed a particular dessert at a nearby table and when she asked what it was, we learned that we all would get it as our pre-dessert. And, out it came–a plate of four glasses, passion fruit jelly, peanut cream, pineapple granité, and a chocolate caramel cream.

We could have stopped there and felt well served. However, the ordered desserts came next including a pineapple and grapefruit dish with banana puffs on the side, a fresh strawberry “soup,” and a chocolate dome. Finally, we each nibbled on a small chocolate praline.

Stuffed beyond satiated and in a great mood, we then walked a little around the grounds and headed home.












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