Les Pêcheurs

May 7, 2008

18, Quai des Docks;04 93 89 59 61;

( May 1, 2008 ) Finally, a beautiful spring day. One that cried out for a walk and a nice lunch. Our destination was the port of Nice, specifically Les Pêcheurs,which had received an interesting write-up in Nice Matin some months ago. The interest arises because the chef, Mais Yanis, is from La Réunion and his partner, Aurelie, has Asiatic roots.

The menu is not pure fusion nor is it pure anything, but a melange of fresh ingredients, Asian spices and flavors and a nod to some local traditions. The welcome is warm, the tables are laid with proper linens, and the decor sort of marine crossed with Provençal.

Exposed beams cross the ceiling, the open kitchen invites inspection but the fish tank in the wall needs a little more TLC.

There are two menus, one at 26€ and the other at 36€, which is the one we chose. Gary started with 8 oysters, #3 so they were rather small but fresh and tasty.

Varian’s crab cocktail with an avocado mousse was “decorated” with a paper-thin pineapple slice, thyme sprigs, alfalfa sprouts and a thin cracker, demonstrated the eclectic nature of the food.

For his main courses, Gary savored his green risotto with langoustines, pronouncing it one of the best ever. It was creamy, the rice was perfectly cooked and the taste was deliciously unusual.

Happily, Varian’s main course was equally delicious. The scampi were pan-sautéed in a sauce flavored with ginger and lemon grass and garlic.

The plate was garnished with rice spiced Buryani-style and a small canning jar with a zucchini cappuccino. Wow!!

Everything was presented quite artistically, almost as sculptures. Dessert lived up to the promise of the rest of the meal. The chocolate fondant was perfectly oozy and rich and served with ice cream in a shot glass.

With the three cheeses served to Varian, there was a very nice tossed mesclun salad. We drank a pleasant local rosé with it all and then had a lovely walk back through the old town.



One Response to “Les Pêcheurs”

  1. Roland Higgins Says:

    Dear American Foodies in Nice. We discovered your blog through Chowhound.com. My partner and I are adventurous foodies from Brussels with a particular interest in Nice and surroundings as we spend a week there practically every month. We’ve tried a great many of the restaurants on your blog but were pleased to discover some new ones. Keep up the good work as we can’t depend on Michelin to find budding new restaurants fast enough ! Regards. Roland and Manfred

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