Ristorante Cuneo, Ventimiglia

June 19, 2008

On June 16, 2008, I went to Ventimiglia to pick up Sue, arriving on the train from Milan. I had finished my extensive shopping in the market and shops by the time she arrived, so we went directly to Cuneo for lunch. This has been a solid, but somewhat ordinary, restaurant near the market in Ventimiglia for a long time, but I had not been for several years.

We were offered a slice of torte verde, the local specialty of green vegetables, in this case zucchini, in a flaky pie crust.  We ordered a bottle of vermentino, the local white wine which goes very well with seafood.


For our starter we had spaghetti alle vongole, which is done here with plenty of clams, garlic, sweet red peppers, parsley and olive oil.


For our main course we had a Gran fritto di mare with little triglie or rougets, tiny squid, shrimp and rings of calimari. They had been deep fried with a nice light batter. A squeeze of lemon was all they needed. A plate of vegetables was served alongside, but after our spaghetti, the potatoes seemed somewhat redundant. We skipped dessert and had a coffee.

The weekend before had been the annual battle of flowers when floats decorated with flowers and other vegetation are towed in a parade Saturday evening and again Sunday afternoon. They were on display in the square between the town hall and the market. This year’s theme was The Divine Comedy so one can see Dante and several of the grotesque characters which populate his inferno. The battles of flowers in this region are the origin of the ones at the Carnival in Nice and eventually of the Rose Parade in Pasadena.






Via aprosio, 16/d
18039 – Ventimiglia (IM) Italia
Tel. 0184.33576

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