La Table du Cap Estel 2

July 21, 2008

Cap Estel is a luxurious resort hotel in a spectacular setting on one of the three capes which we see in the view to the east from our terrace in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. We had not dined there until the evening of July 10, 2008, when we joined Nick and Stephanie.

As we were early, Linda and I waited on the terrace before going down to the dining area.

Despite the luxurious entry, salons and terraces, the outdoor dining area is quite plain. We ordered aperitifs. The Cocktail Maison is a glass with sugar and cognac in the bottom filled to the top with Champagne.

Hors d’oeuvres arrived and we discussed the menu. Aside from an interesting, but limited and expensive, à la carte selection, there is a three course tasting menu for 78€ and a four course one for 98€, but the courses are not revealed in advance. However, the headwaiter had already told us that they had some fresh turbots for four people, so we were able to get his agreement that one would be the main course and we would accept the surprises for the starter and the dessert. We ordered the first of two bottles of the Château Roubine white wine.


Stephanie and Linda catch up.


The amuse-gueule was a cup of carrot gazpacho that didn’t impress us.


The first course was crabmeat over guacamole with fresh greens and vegetables on top. Aside from being unimaginative, it was too salty.




Then the turbot was presented to us and filleted at tableside. It was served with a mixture of little vegetables fresh out of the hotel’s kitchen garden and an olive sauce. The whole dish was sensational. It was the best piece of fish I had had in quite a while, perfectly prepared and garnished.


Dessert was a souflée Grand Marnier with a glass of apple granità. The texture was nice, but it was short on flavor.

To see Gary and Varian’s post on their lunch at Cap Estel, click here.

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