Eleven Madison Park, NYC 2

July 26, 2008

On July 24, 2008 Linda, Blair and I dined at Eleven Madison Park, just a year after our excellent first meal there. We ordered the eleven course GOURMAND “Eleven” Menu.


A little plate of five delicious hors d’oeuvres arrived along with a bowl of fresh warm gougères.

Then followed: 

Royal Sterling Caviar
Baked Potato Ice Cream with Sour Cream and Chives

This California caviar from mature farm-raised sturgeon is excellent. The ice cream went well although Blair was the only one of us three who thought that the baked potato flavor really came through.


Heirloom Beets
Roasted with Lynnhaven Chèvre Frais and Nasturtium

The beet flavor was excellent. The two smaller round dark red pieces were a lovely beet jelly on top of goat cheese rounds.


Big Eye Tuna
Marinated with Heirloom Tomatoes, Olio Verde and Basil

I thought that the flavorful tomatoes dominated the tuna, but Linda thought that the tuna tase was excellent.

Foie Gras
Terrine with Cherries, Lemon Balm and Sicilian Pistachios

The terrine was appropriately unctuous. It was served with a toasted brioche round and a cherry mousse in side dishes. 


Nova Scotia Lobster
Poached with Bacon Panna Cotta and Sweet Corn

This dish was sensational. I have always liked the combination of shellfish and pork products. In this case the panna cotta base was infused with bacon flavor. The portion of fresh lobster pieces was generous for a tasting menu. The roasted sweet corn kernels added some needed crunchiness. Bravo.


Chilean Turbot
Slow Cooked with Fleur de Courgette, Saffron-Fumet and Tarragon

I wish this had been served before the lobster as it seemed too subtle and elegant at this point.


Vermont Farm Suckling Pig
Confit with Cipollini Onions, Apricot Chutney and Cardamom Jus

Blair said that he likes anything with a crunchy crust and this piece of young pork was the ultimate. It needed the garnishes to tame the richness.


Elysian Fields Farm Lamb
Herb Roasted with Eggplant, Cumin and Sheep’s Milk Yogurt

The highlight of this plate was not the nice piece of lamb, but the three deep-fried lamb sweetbreads alongside.

Selection of Artisanal Cheeses

The cheese trolley had a manageable number of cheeses at just the right point of ripeness. They came from many different countries and were of widely different styles. We each chose three. The trolley was withdrawn and we were served plates with pieces of our selection garnished with nuts, chutney etc. The fruit-nut bread was excellent.

Green Market Raspberries
Sablé with Lemon Verbena and Balsamic Vinegar

The raspberry sorbet helped bring out the flavors of the fresh berries. The sablé biscuit was very good.


Bittersweet Chocolate
Custard with Caramelized Banana and Passion Fruit

The banana was perfectly caramelized. The whole dessert was well done.




It is hard to imagine, but I still had enough appetite to try these lovely little bon bons.


The wine list is enormous, but we didn’t want to be too ambitious as we would need quite a lot for a four hour meal. Linda and Blair started with a glass of Goutorbe champagne, which was crisp and good. We had a bottle of Turley Vineyard (Central Coast) White Coat, a mix of Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier. Then we went on to a 2004 Tor Chardonnay Durell Vineyard (Sonoma Coast.) It was rich enough for the foie gras and lobster. Finally with the pork, lamb and cheese we enjoyed a 2006 Capiaux Gary’s Vinyard (Santa Lucia Highlands) Pinot Noir.

You can tell from my comments on each dish that we thought that the cuisine was excellent. Most were rich enough that I didn’t have the frequent frustration with tasting menus that the portions are too small for real appreciation of the dish. The service was efficient and friendly. Even though we were at the table for over four hours the evening moved along at a good pace. The noise level was very low for a NY restaurant. We had a fine time.


To see our blogpost from a year ago click here.

One Response to “Eleven Madison Park, NYC 2”

  1. Andrea Says:

    finally, a tasting menu with enough “red wine” courses. Guess you have to go the full gamut of 11 although I doubt I could eat it all…even over 4 hours. Might be fun to try,though, everything looked delicious. I liked the seasonality of the menu.


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