Divan 2, Copenhagen

August 25, 2008

On August 24, 2008 Eva and Erling took us to Divan 2 in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. This restaurant dates from the founding of Tivoli in 1843. It serves classic Danish cuisine, somewhat updated, but without modern trends.  We were seated at a corner table in the dining room, with its garden décor. It was just a bit too cool to eat outside on the terrace. We started with a glass of Champagne. There were little nibblies: soy almonds, curried puffed rice and tiny potato chips.

Our first course was
Friskpillede fjordrejer serveret med brød og smør
Freshly-peeled fiord shrimps served with bread and butter

These tiny shrimp are found only in Denmark. They have a fresh, clean flavor. One eats them on the sourdough bread. With them we drank the traditional Danish accompaniment: a glass of beer and a glass of aquavit.

The main course was
Hel søtunge stegt meunière serveret med smørsauteret spinat, brunet smør, citron og nye kartofler
Whole dover sole meunière with butter-sautéed spinach, browned butter, lemon and new potatoes

This fresh sole was thicker and meatier than what one would be served in France. It was very good and did not need any additional sauce etc. The spinach was also particularly good. We drank a white burgundy with it.

Our dessert was
Syltede stikkelsbær på smørristet brioche med pralinemousse, sabayonne og nougatine-flager
Marinated gooseberries with butter-toasted brioche, praline mousse, sabayonne and nougatine flakes

The gooseberries have a nice sweet and sour flavor; the dessert was well done. Erling ordered a lovely late harvest sauvignon blanc to go with it.

We thoroughly enjoyed this fine Danish meal. Afterwards we walked around Tivoli and enjoyed the lighted spectacle of the garden and its many attractions.


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  1. Andrea Says:

    Thanks for the Danish lesson!

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