The Veranda, Stockholm

September 8, 2008

Jacob and Sylvia suggested we join them at The Veranda in the Grand Hotel on August 31, 2008, so we could have a real Swedish smörgåsbord. Of course, that sounded like an excellent idea and it was.

We were seated a table by the window with a view out to the Royal Palace, the Opera House and the docks for the ferry boats which link downtown Stockholm with the islands in the archipelago. We started with “1874” the private label aquavit of the Grand Hotel, which had a more interesting, complex flavor than most. Skål!
Then we went to the smörgåsbord, which occupied an entire room off the veranda. On the right you see Sylvia returning to our table with her plate. The pink building to the left with the white columns is the Opera House.

We started with various types of herring and then had smoked fish on the same plate. A purist would have had the herring first and then gone back for smoked fish.



My first plate

Sylvia’s first plate

Jacob chose a delicious local beer.

We went on to the meat course.

Smoked reindeer haunch
Assorted dry rye breads

Jansson’s temptation and meatballs
My second plate.

Sylvia’s second plate.
A cheese course followed.
Then there was dessert.
We enjoyed a lovely evening. Everything we ate had good natural, direct flavors. The big surprise for me was how much of the smörgåsbord came after the herring and smoked fish. I particularly enjoyed the smoked reindeer haunch. Thank you Sylvia and Jacob.

The Veranda’s website

2 Responses to “The Veranda, Stockholm”

  1. Sally McKinney Says:

    I am intrigued by reindeer haunch. It looks like ham. Is that because of the smoking process?

    Anyway, thanks for another great meal by proxy.


  2. Michael Says:

    I think it is more because it is a similar part of the beast.

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