Molyvos, NYC

November 17, 2008

On November 14, 2008, Linda and I dined at Molyvos before a concert at Carnegie Hall, which is just a block north. We were seated at the table in the far back right corner of this large Greek restaurant; it was quiet and gave us a good view of the crowd. We passed up the pre-theater menu at $37 with four choices for each of three courses and ordered à la carte, but we did order a bottle of the recommended wine from the menu: 2003 Paranga Kir-Vianni from Greek Macedonia. It was fine. A little pot of taramosalata was on the table with the bread basket.

Linda started with

Lump Meat Crab Cake, Taramosalata , Celery and Meyer Lemon-Micro Herb Salad, Horseradish Yogurt Sauce
She said that the crab was moist and good; the small serving was right for a starter.

My first course was
Octapodi Skharas

Grilled Baby Octopus with Olives, Fennel,
Lemon, Oregano

This was excellent. The octopus had a nice charred flavor and was still tender. The Greek garnish was appropriate and gave an extra dimension to the octopus without dominating it.

Linda’s main course was
Kritharaki Thalasssinon

Orzo Risotto Style with Shrimp, Calamari, Konzani Saffron and Feta

She thought this was very good.

My main course was
Arni Yuvetsi

Braised Savory Marinated Lamb Shanks Baked in a Clay Pot, Orzo, Tomatoes, Kefalotyri Cheese

The lamb shanks had been braised for a long time and had absorbed flavor from the tomatoes with herbs or spices I could not identify, but liked. They were so rich we didn’t need dessert and went on to an “espresso” that seemed more like a muddy Greek coffee, but which kept me awake during the concert.

Our meal had been very good thanks to Molyvos’ sticking strictly to Greek cuisine and executing it faithfully. This is a sister restaurant to Oceana, which we also appreciate a lot. Bravo.

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