Bar Boulud, NYC 2

February 13, 2009

On February 6, 2009, Linda and I dined at the Bar Boulud before a performance of Adriana Lecouvreur at the Metropolitan Opera House. We started with glasses of the very good crémat du Jura. Two warm gougères were put on the table.

We decided to try a special charcuterie tasting menu with three Burgundy wine pairings which was only offered that week. It is in reference to Daniel Boulud’s being the chef at the upcoming New York version of La Paulée, a traditional Burgundian wine festival.



The wines were surprisingly good. The progression from a sparkling apéritif to a classic white, to a medium red to a robust red worked very well.

We were each served this plate. I started with the wild boar ham, which had a flavor on the gamy side of pork. It was quite dry and benefitted from a dab of the old-style grainy mustard. The guinea hen pâté was too delicate for my taste and could not be helped by any of the condiments, which would have been too strong for it. The game pâté had an assertive, rich good flavor. The little slices of Lyon sausage were excellent. The small celeri remoulade with apple sticks was just the right counterpoint. Slices of brown bread and mini-baguettes were served alongside.

For dessert I had
Caramelized banana, Manjari chocolate, banana caramel ice cream

This was much jazzier that a traditional Tatin, but the bananas caramalized well. I followed with an espresso to keep me awake through the tuneful trials of Adriana’s love life.

The meal and the service were good, but there were two aspects of the Bar Boulud which we did not like:

  • There is loud inappropriate music playing in the constricted space. It is not music that has any connection to Lyon or that considers the tastes of the pre-Lincoln Center clientèle.
  • Bar Boulud does not space out the reservations sufficiently to avoid crowds of people waiting for tables filling the front of the restaurant and milling around the bar, creating a sense of chaos.

To see our previous blogpost on the Bar Boulud click here.

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