Zihuatanejo Market

February 18, 2009

On February 15, 2009, we went to the market in Zihuatanejo on the west coast of Mexico.  There is a large covered market which spills out onto the surrounding streets. It was very crowded on this Sunday morning.



Cilantro is an essential herb for the local cuisine.



 There were fresh local cheeses.


Several stands had fresh bakery products, mostly sweet.



The meat was cut to order at the butcher stands.


Flowers are always important in Mexico.

Aside from edibles and flowers there was a big section of the market with all kinds of hardware, clothing etc etc.   




You may have noticed that there were no pictures of the fish section. They will come in the next post with a special feature on our red snapper. There will also be a post on our lunch after the market. Stay tuned.

5 Responses to “Zihuatanejo Market”

  1. sue girdwood Says:

    Mike — Pix brought back vivid memories of my own visits to Mexican markets three decades ago. I remember those orange-skinned mangoes and completely unfamiliar tropical fruit…… Herbs and an endless variety of chilli…
    Enjoying the blogs — keep em coming!


  2. kristin Says:

    Michael, I really do love your market posts. The photos are wonderful and the piles of fruits, veggies and cheeses so beautiful.
    I was surprised by the variety of presumably local produce in the Zihuatanejo market in the middle of February. Their weather gods must be kind.

  3. john howell Says:

    What great photos! Almost like being there. Everything is so colorful in Mexico.

  4. […] fish or flower sections; they were mixed in. Compared to the market in Zihuatanejo, which I reported on last week, this market was several times as big. It was just as crowded, but people were more calm. One […]

  5. […] central market with our shopping bags. My photos of the market, except for the fish, are shown in another blogpost. Fish and seafood are sold in established stalls in their own section of the covered market. On […]

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