Zihuatanejo Fish

February 19, 2009

On Sunday, February 15, 2009, I went to the market in Zihuatanejo with Judith, Linda, Dixie Lee, Jim, Dinah Sue, Roy Ann and my brother Barney. We passed the little fish market covered with canvas by the beach where the fishing boats come in with their catch.  Zihuatanejo has a lovely protected harbor and has been a major fishing center for centuries.ca
But, since this was a Sunday, there was only one table with fish for sale directly from the fisherman.

We continued on to the central market with our shopping bags.
My photos of the market, except for the fish, are shown in another blogpost. Fish and seafood are sold in established stalls in their own section of the covered market. On this Sunday there were also vendors under umbrellas in the surrounding streets.

The fresh fish fast food counters are popular.


Here is the outside section of the market in an adjoining street.



After considerable research inside Barney had picked out a large huachinango, or red snapper. He asked the fishseller to gut and scale it.

The snapper is laid out in the kitchen. The skin is scored so that it does not tighten up during the cooking and the heat can penetrate.

Barney stuffs the snapper with onions, carrots, celery etc while Roy Ann stands ready to help. Caulifower, bought that morning in the market, roasted with cayenne is under the foil on the right.

The snapper is put on the grill on the balcony of Roy Ann’s apartment.


The snapper is so thick that it must be well cooked and no effort can be made to save the crispy skin. It takes on a lovely charred flavor. It is so fresh that it does not dry out during the cooking and is delicious. The cauliflower has been reheated in the oven and is put on the table.





The meal was really good.

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