S.N.O.B., Charleston SC

March 20, 2009

On March 16, 2009, Linda and I had lunch at Slightly North of Broad. The name refers to its location on East Bay Street north of Broad Street, which is filled with art galleries, banks etc.Fortunately we had made a 12:30 reservation and arrived on time. They had saved the last table for us. We saw many people being turned away in the next hour. In Charleston few good restaurants open for lunch, or do so only on weekends. We wanted a substantial lunch as we planned to be on a plane back to New York that evening. (Unfortunately our flight was cancelled and the flight on which we were rerouted was also cancelled and we didn’t get back until the next morning.)

A sweetwater grass basket with a napkin enclosing light, warm cornbread was put on the table. I ordered glasses of recommended wines of the day: 2008 Natura Chardonnay, Valle Casablanca, Chile and 2006 Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa. They were interesting. Linda had a glass of 2007 Benton Lane, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir which was more upscale.

Linda started with 
Carpaccio of Tuna

thinly sliced raw tuna served with a marinated salad of daikon, carrots & cucumber, soy & wasabi
Very good.

I had the
Charcuterie Plate
chef’s daily selection with small salad & traditional garnish

This included, left to right, chicken liver mousse, fromage de tête, pork rillettes and country ham. There was a delicious sweet relish between the grainy and regular mustard on the left. This was good, although not at all up to the excellent charcuterie I had at McCrady’s the evening before.

Linda went on to
Crispy-fried Chicken Livers –
over stone ground grits with caramelized onion country gravy

The chicken livers and grits were good and seemed very down-south, but a little of this dish could go a long way. Of course, most of the luncheon crowd only ordered one dish.

My main course was
Coastalina Shrimp & Grits
sautéed shrimp, house made sausage, fresh tomatoes, green onions & garlic over stone ground grits

The shrimp was good; the sausage had sort of a bologna flavor, which wasn’t the right kind to go with the shrimp.

There is an open kitchen at the end of the dining room.


S.N.O.B. is a good restaurant, which succeeds in what it is trying to be.


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