Le Montrachet, Puligny Montrachet

June 17, 2009

Linda and I spent the nights of June 10 and 11, 2009, at Le Montrachet. This charming Burgundian inn, dating from the early nineteenth century, has recently been renovated and enlarged with an entirely new kitchen, dining room and bar. mna
It sits on a quiet tree-lined square in Puligny-Montrachet, a village dedicated to producing some of the world’s finest white wines from its surrounding vineyards. This was the view from the balcony of our room at Le Montrachet.

This was the view from just outside the town.


Linda and I joined Suzy and Jean-Pierre, Le Montrachet’s proprietors, in the friendly bar. You can see the long row of wine bottles which are open and ready for dispensing by the glass. Linda and I ordered glasses of two different Puligny-Montrachets. A plate of hors d’oeuvres was put on the table: warm gougères, herbed cheese and a crispy chicken one.


We looked at the extensive menu and made our selections.

Jean-Pierre ordered a bottle of 2007 Hospice de Beaune Cuvée Brunet and eventually a bottle of 2005 Morey Saint Denis Très Girard from Michel Magnien.

After we moved into the busy dining room, we were served an amuse-gueule of cucumber and fromage blanc topped with a red pepper purée.

Linda and Suzy started with
La Daurade Royale en Carpaccio à la Fleur de Sel de Guérande au Wasabi
Frisée Fine, Avocat

The daurade and avocado combination was excellent.

Jean-Pierre had Le Canard en Superposition
Foie Gras et Magret Fumé par nos Soins aux Pommes de Terre Agatha
.  (No photo.) It was a block of a terrine with layers of foie gras, smoked duck and potatoes. My starter was 
Les Asperges Vertes et Jambon « Pata Negra » sur Toast
Jaune d’Oeuf de Caille à la Crème

This was asparagus season and they were very good. The “Pata Negra” ham from Spain was superb, the best. I mixed the quail egg yolk with the cream to make sort of a do-it-yourself mayonnaise.

Suzy’s main course was
Le Pavé de Mérou Grillé à la Fleur de Thym
Mousseline de Petits Pois
Sauce au Citron Confit

The grouper was offset nicely by the fresh spring peas and their purée.

Jean-Pierre had 
L’Agneau « Fermier du Quercy » Carré, Selle et Ris Rôtis
Quinoa façon « Couscous »

A lamb chop, a piece from the saddle and a lamb sweetbread were stacked on top of vegetables and a mound of quinoa.

Linda and my main course was
Le Pigeon Rôti aux Arachides, Tuile à la Cive
Pommes de Terre Vertes, Cuisse Confite en Brochette

The pigeon breast was served pink while the thigh had been thoroughly cooked. They were topped with peanuts and a light brown sauce. Very nice.

Linda makes her selection from the cheese basket.

We did not order dessert, but a nice little predessert of cherries and a cherry concoction came along.

The whole meal was very enjoyable.

The following day we had a simple lunch in the lovely dining room.

We were restrained as we were going to dine at nearby Lameloise that evening.

A little amuse-gueule of fennel cream topped with a shard of smoked salmon started things off.

Jean-Pierre had a salad with goat cheese toasts. Linda’s salad was with quail, Suzy’s with beef. I had a taboulé salad topped with crab and lightly curried mayonnaise.


After the lunch, Jean-Pierre gave us a tour of the kitchen, which was being cleaned up with a few desserts yet to be served.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Le Montrachet and recommend it to anyone travelling to Burgundy.


2 Responses to “Le Montrachet, Puligny Montrachet”

  1. ChuckEats Says:

    That looks more accomplished than my simple lunch three years ago; but the highlight was their snails. I’m surprised you missed those – still the reference for me.

  2. Trine Says:

    A really enjoyable read, Michael.
    Thank you!

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