Le Restaurant du Palais Royal, Paris

June 30, 2009

The Palais Royal was finished in 1629 as the residence of Cardinal Richelieu. He left it to the royal family which used it to house brothers, mistresses etc of the monarchs until 1870. The front part now houses the Conseil d’Etat, the Constitutional Court and The Ministry of Culture. Around the edges are many shops and restaurants. The upper floors toward the back are upscale apartments. In the middle is a lovely garden with alleys of trees around the outside, flower beds, fountains etc.lpa

In the back right corner is Le Restaurant du Palais Royal where Christine, Linda and I dined on June 29, 2009.


Having reserved we were able to sit outside with a view down the garden.

We started by ordering a carafe of the house Champagne, which was very refreshing on the warm evening. A plate of six gougères was put on the table.

 We ordered a bottle of Cassis Blanc 2006 Domaine de la Ferme Blanche.

Christine started with the
Fondant de Tourteau et Tartare de Tomate

The crabmeat had been topped with an avocado puree and surrounded with chopped fresh vegetables. This is not an unusual combination, but it was well executed with good ingredients.

Linda had the
Carpaccio de Bar à la Huile d’Olive, Herbes et Parmesan

The seabass carpaccio was flavorful and the dish a success.

My starter was the
Aubergines Grillées, Jambon San Daniele et Vinaigre Balsamique

The eggplant slices had been nicely grilled. There was the right amount of balsamic vinegar. The ham was good quality.

Christine and Linda went on to the
Belles Gambas de Madagascar et Légumes Croquants à la Citronnelle.

The shrimp were not very good. Fennel comprised the majority of the vegetables, with some bean sprouts. A disapponting dish.

My main course was
Risotto Noir à l’encre de Seiche et au Homard

The squid ink risotto was okay, but the vegetable garnishes were boring and there was not a lot of lobster.

Linda’s dessert was
Millefeuilles aux Fruits Rouges

The raspberries and creme patisserie were very nice.

Mine was
Moelleux au Chocolat Blanc et Noix de Coco
The coconut cream and white chocolate made a good light summer dessert.

We had a lovely evening, mostly because of the calm and elegant ambience in the heart of Paris. While our main courses had been disappointments, the starters and desserts were good. The service was a bit ragged, but we were not in a hurry and nothing got lost. The price was reasonable for the setting.



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