Abboccato, NYC

August 3, 2009

Abboccato is conveniently located right across the street from City Center where Judith, Linda and I went to a performance of Ruined after our early dinner on July 24, 2009.


Abboccato has a busy, noisy bar area in front, but the dining room in back was mostly calm with minimal décor. We started with glasses of Prosecco di Conegliano and ordered a bottle of 2006 Barbera d’Alba from the interesting all-Italian wine list.

Judith started with a
the green salad of the house.

The traditional Roman Misticanza had many bitter greens, but now is an Italian version of mesclun.

Judy’s main course, and Linda’s first course, was the
Ravioli del Plin
“Pinched” Ravioli, Wild Greens, Ricotta, Foie Gras, Sage, Walnut, Balsamic Butter.

They thought that this dish was superb. The ingredients in the filling were good quality and well matched with each other. The dribble of balsamic butter on top offset the richness of the rest.

My starter was
Grilled Octopus
Warm Tuscan Bean Salad, Herb Vinaigrette

This was excellent. The octopus was crisp from the grill, but still tender inside. The beans and the herb dressing added needed freshness.

For our main course Linda and I both had the
Crispy Veal Sweetbreads
Wild Mushrooms, Sardinian Pasta, Vincotto

The overly generous portion of sweetbreads was nicely done with a light crisp breading on the outside. The “Sardinian pasta” was pea sized and picked up the mushroom flavor. The assertive red wine reduction sauce contrasted nicely with the mushiness of the other ingredients.

My dessert was the
Panna Cotta


The Italian cuisine seemed authentic and straightforward, without being comfort food; it was very well done. Abboccato is part of the Livanos group which includes nearby Molyvos and Oceana, two other restaurants which we have enjoyed for their similar philosophies. Bravo.

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